The Dawn of Consciousness
Apathia Records

TLDR: Progressive thrash metal married metalcore. And went to hell.

Review: Deficiency’s previous albums have been okayish albums in the field of modern thrash metal. Basically this time it’s the same, but now with added metalcore elements. Needless to say, I guess, but this time it has gone bad.

The Dawn of Consciousness sounds ke these guys want so badly make progressive melodic thrash metal, but then again, to have with trendy metalcore stuff. You know: clean vocals and contrast with more rougher parts. Let me tell you: it hasn’t worked before, and it doesn’t work this time either.

It’s clear that these guys know how to play. Too bad it doesn’t make them good song-writers, too. It’s more like the opposite. The songs are mostly bad than decent and the more I gave this albums spins, the more I started to hate it. There are no good riffs, and even worse, no decent songs. Everything feels so god-damn forced it makes me sick. Catchiness? Pfff. Dream on! All the best ideas, it seems, were left off at the rehearsal room’s floor.

The Dawn of Consciousness is a sterile piece of shit that wants to appeal to modern audience. Or at least that’s how it feels to me. And I am not wrong with these things. Avoid this one.

Track list:
1. Newborn’s Awakening
2. Uncharted Waters
3. Another Fail to Come
4. From a Less to a Greater Perfection
5. The Upriser
6. Face the World We Experience
7. Nausera
8. And Now Where Else to Go
9. Post Knowledge Day
10. Fearless Hope