All Paths Lead to Death
Apathia Records

TLDR: Progressive death metal & black metal hybrid got tangled by itself.

Review: Amiensus from France has been quite an active band. In mere 7 years they have put out nine releases, including this ep. Musically, these Frenchmen stumble somewhere between death metal and black metal, but in a progressive way.

Can’t deny it, these guys are clearly doing their own stuff. There are lots of different ideans in their music, even some not so conventional ones. In addition, Amiensus is also capable of doing some more straight-forward music, especially black metal. Maybe ironic, but that is clearly their forte.

If All Paths Lead to Death is something, it’s unstable. It has its really good moments but for every such there is one mediocre one. The outcome is not good, but it’s tolerable. Even decent. I’d be lying if I didn’t like anything on the album, but at the same time I find hard time recommending this one to anyone. It’s just too bits and pieces for my taste.

Amiensus is an interesting band but for many minor flaws here and there this one ain’t just gonna cut it.

Track list:
1. Gehenna
2. Mouth of the Abyss
3. Prophecy
4. Desolating Sacrilege
5. The River