BlackMessiah-WoVBlack Messiah
Walls of Vanaheim

TLDR: Folk metal meets symphonic black metal and power metal.

Review: Folkore and mythology are a great thing and throughout the history of metal music these stories have inspired quite a few bands, which is not a bad thing per se. But when all this is turned into music with poor execution, these great stories became nothing but a bad joke.

Black Messiah is not a new band and should, judged by its age and history, be a well-aware how to do folk metal well. But alas, Walls of Vanaheim sounds like it’s performed by some high school band with very little idea how poor it manages to sound. The first of its crimes is putting too much different ingredients on one pizza. Folk metal mixed with power metal mixed with black metal mixed with symphonic metal… argh! Simply put: too much, and too not in a good way.

On top of this, almost every songs on the album start with an intro of its own. With a short piece of story about how Norse god this or that did this and that. Yes, it’s all very interesting to read about Odin, Thor et cetera, but to hear those mini-stories each and every time I wanna listen to a song. Seriously? The good thing is: I don’t. And that’s because the songs are not good. They are not even medicore John Doe stuff. They are more poor than good. Though, I must say the production is pretty nice.

Walls of Vanaheim is a metal hybrid clearly created by Germans for Germans, for they are the only people in the world who can get totally crazy about this kind of stuff, no matter what language is used to sing these songs. Just add axes, swords, giants and whatever fantasy myths, and you’re good to go. Also, a violin or some other traditional instrument is a plus.

Unless you’re really much into this kind of metal, avoid this. For those Germans who ARE into this kind of stuff, add plus one to the score.

Track list:
1. Prologue – A New Threat
2. Mimir’s Head
3. Father’s Magic
4. Mime’s Tod
5. Call to Battle
6. Die Bürde des Njörd
7. Satisfaction and Revenge
8. The March
9. The Walls of Vanaheim
10. Decisions
11. Mit Blitz und Donner
12. The Ritual
13. Kvasir
14. A Feast of Unity
15. Epilogue: Farewell