Black Harmony
Woodcut Records

TLDR: Symphonic black metal from the 90’s got reissued.

Review: Thyrane was one of the most promising Finnish black metal bands in the late 90’s. However, soon after their great Black Harmony demo/debut release the band started to evolve and change style. There are many opinions whether the band went to the right or the wrong direction. Whatever they are, Black Harmony has proven to be an ageless classic.

Even though there are only four songs on the EP, Black Harmony clocks for over 30 minutes. Despite the length, the songs are so well written that it doesn’t matter. Black Harmony has the power to sound strong through the way.

While Black Harmony’s music isn’t exactly original, it echoes late 90’s black metal in a nearly perfect way. The melodic parts are just great and these are backed up with great synth parts. Not only that, the songs are also very skillfully played in fast tempo. This all brings Black Harmony close to Emperor’s In the Nightside Eclipse classic. Even the sounds and vocals are quite good.

Even though some 19 years have passed since Black Harmony saw the daylight for the first time, the ep still feels fresh after all these years. This alone proves this one is a modern classic.

Track list:
1. Black Harmony
2. Sacrifires
3. Enthroned by Antichrist
4. Satanic Ages Overture