Lingering Voidwards
Final Sacrifice Records

TLDR: Mediocre black metal side-project.

Review: Even though Coldborn has existed for about a decade, it hasn’t managed to put out anything until now. Too bad that after all these years the result is rather easily forgotten. Coldborn hardly brings anything new to table.

The band’s black metal is quite typical, even if with more stress on the atmospheric side. Occasional acoustic guitars, some synths and easy tempo are the stuff that makes this different from bands such as Marduk and the like.

Too bad the stuff here ain’t exactly good. Not that Coldborn is bad, either, but it feels that the band lacks all the striking elements. Be it catchiness, interesting riffs or whatever, Coldborn hasn’t got any aces up its sleeve.

Growling vocals are dry and powerless. Shrieky vocals then again are much better. There are some guest stars, too. But despite all this, Coldborn isn’t anything special. Not bad, but… I can live without this on my collection.

Track list:
1. The Call of Death’s Clarion
2. In the Absence of Light, Death Gazes
3. In Solitude
4. Lingering Voidwards
5. Withered