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Master of the Dead
Iron Shield Records

TLDR: Old-school thrash metal done properly.

Review: As you can probably figure out from the name, this Italian band plays thrash metal. A genuine and pure, this one isn’t a crossover with death, black or any other subgenres of metal. And they do it well, despite a bit too lengthy songs here and there.

It seems the band has gone forward a lot in three years. Master of the Dead is solid, aggressive enough, decent in tempo and all in good production and proper vocals. There are no weak songs or stupid ideas involved. If something, the songs could be a bit more tighter. Five minutes or more doing basic thrash songs is rarely a good idea – unless it’s Metallica and Slayer, and even they fail with it occasionally.

Master of the Dead is clearly aimed to those who are into real thrash metal and no gimmicks. It ain’t original, but it’s good. One of the better thrash metal albums this year.

Track list:
1. Condemned to Kill Again
2. Ritual Violence
3. Evil Witches
4. Curse of the Priest
5. Black Steel
6. Taken by Force
7. Master of the Dead
8. Evoking the Ghost
9. The Avenger
10. Call of Death