PahanIkoni-M.jpgPahan ikoni

TLDR: Promising death metal & thrash metal hybrid from Finland.

Review: Pahan Ikoni – “Icon of Evil” in Finnish – is hardly a one year old band, but nevertheless they already released their first EP last year. Their style of music: death/thrash metal hybrid with Finnish lyrics.

And it’s not only language that sounds Finnish on this one. This actually reminds me of Mokoma, another Finnish band, but also some US thrash bands. One could also say there’s a bit of old-school heavy metal, too. The result is not the polished of them all, but still works quite well.

Vocals are a bit of a disappointment with its shriek-infused growling. It’s somewhere between thrash and death, but not in a good or unique way. Then again the production and intense playing are job well done.

Even if Misantropia is not a bullseye release the outcome is way better than just another average release. If death/thrash hybrids are your thing, give this one a go.

Track list:
1. Polttomerkitty ruumis
2. Nimeni on Misantropia
3. Murtuneet
4. Surman suuhun