SatanWorship-ITDSatan Worship
I Am the Devil
Iron Shield Records

TLDR: Bone-headed old-school heavy metal & black metal hybrid.

Review: Despite the name, this one ain’t a modern black metal band. There is, however, link to this genre as well, since this German-Brazilian band is more or less a proto-black hybrid with thrash and heavy. That is, a sort of Venom copycat.

I Am the Devil is the band’s debut album and as such, very demo-like release. The songs are a blend of traditional heavy metal, sloppy thrash and first-wave black metal. The sad fact is that the album isn’t good. It’s really mediocre whilst the prodction has kind of good old vibe. But even that isn’t really good. It might sound more genuine than retro, but nevertheless, that’s exactly what this album is. A piece of retro.

Satan Worship is a side-project that is clearly aimed for those like-minded listeners who worship Venom and drink beer. If you’re not one of those, skip this one.

Track list:
1. Holy Blasphemy
2. I’m the Devil
3. Azrael’s Hand
4. The Girls of Manson Family
5. Satanik Possession
6. Zodiac Overkill
7. The Black Flame
8. Black Death
9. Under Sign of the Reaper
10. The Last Days of Paul John Knowles