Walls of Flesh
MurdHer Records

TLDR: Death/thrash metal without a single good song.

Review: Some band names are just like a warning signs. Italian band Nofuck is certainly one of these bands. Their death/thrash hybrid is just subpar shite.

Theoretically speaking their music isn’t that bad. It is totally done by genre rules, except some random Pantera-esque power riffs, but other than that, this band doesn’t go off-road so to speak. This doesn’t mean, however, that in practice Nofuck is good or even nowhere near that.

The songs are dull, unoriginal, uncatchy and generally speaking not interesting. Surely enough a random low-tuned riff can sound good here and there, but the overall album is just next to useless. There’s simply nothing that makes me want to listen to this more than I have to – in order to write a review that is. To sum it up: Walls of Flesh sucks as death/thrash album. Don’t waste your time on this.

Track list:
1. Walls of Flesh
2. Empire
3. Panther
4. 99
5. Soul to Forge
6. Psychopig
7. Disseminate
8. Zombie Love
9. Time to Close
10. Hot Hell California