Throne of Collapse
Razor Music

TLDR: Industrial rock meets metal and Marilyn Manson.

Review: Marilyn Manson is one of the unique rock and roll icons. Whether you liked his music or not, at least you know his name and probably his music, too. Reptil seems to be the German answer to this. Let’s just copy indsustrial rock ideas, add some metal vibes, take good weirdo pictures and we’re all set. Too bad they forgot to make good songs, too.

Reptil is a relatively new band or artist, and unfortunately it shows. The music is messy, chaotic and more importantly, not good. It’s not like Reptil don’t have ideas of their own, but it doesn’t help if these ideas suck. And on top of that, everything sounds like a Manson copycat.

When you add some numetal elements to it, you have Reptil. It sounds like Korn was assfucking Manson and trying to make that sound good. Well, for some it surely is that, but mostly it’s just gross.

Throne of Collapse seems to be yet another attempt to sound unique but being unable to sound good while doing it. The result sucks big time and there’s simply nothing that would make me say anything nice. Except it’s nice when the reocrd finally ends.

Track list:
1. Anger Empire
2. Reptoil, Inc.
3. Monolith
4. Irreversible
5. Throne of Collapse
6. One World One Nation
7. Soulride
8. Quantum Trojan
9. Beyond