WrathOfBelial-BRWrath of Belial
Bloodstained Rebellion

TLDR: Fast-paced technical death/thrash metal.

Review: This band fron Denmark is relatively new, even though some parts of the line-up have worked under the moniker Pariah Syndicate before. Bloodstained Rebellion is the name of the debut album by this band and so far it is their only release.

I guess I have to state I wish these guys had demoed this material before going self-financed since it’s kinda obvious that this material is not really polished. Surely, these guys know well how to play their instruments and the production is almost top-notch. But the songs are really not anything original, good or interesting. This is yet another death/thrash band, with the focus on the first one. And there are some useless guitar melodies, too.

I can’t underline enough the fact that these songs are nothing of interest. They are not in the sense of riffs, production or growling vocals, but the material is just dull. It’s as all the material is recycle material from other bands and now they are getting a re-run. To me it sounds god-damn boring.

If you’re a huge lover of (melodic) death/thrash metal, I guess this band deserves your attention. But if you’re only trying to get the cream of the cake, don’t bother with this one. It’s not really worth your time.

Track list:
1. Traitors
2. Mirror Fiend
3. Aftermath of a Tyrant
4. Reborn Through Your Demise
5. Set Sails for the End of the World
6. With Hell Assured
7. Battleborn
8. Hellion
9. Six Feet Under Pandora
10. A Diaphanous Signature Written by the Lost
11. Next Chapter of Enslavement