Through the Walls of Flesh
I Hate

TLDR: Swedish thrash metal with black metal vocals.

Review: Thrash metal seems to be on the rise and Entrench is one of the Swedish names of this new wave. Through the Walls of Flesh is already their third full-length release so they are not exactly beginners anymore.

Closer look reveals that the thrash of this band isn’t exactly pure in the sense of the genre. Vocals are more done in the black metal shrieky way and even some of the riffs are of that genre, too. One could claim that same goes for the rather raw production of the album. But then again, it could be just a homage to the old thrash metal milestone albums as well.

Even if the songs are quite intense and straight-forward, this album isn’t without its problems. Some of the songs are just too lengthy. Eight minutes of thrash isn’t gonna work unless one is a genre mastermind like old Metallica. With Entrech’s style it’s not that I can tell you that much. There could be more variaton, too, but that isn’t so big a problem really. What is, though, is the lack of killer songs/riffs here.

Whiile these Swedes do their basic legwork fine, the album isn’t exactly a memorable one. If you can forgive this and like bands such as Vampire, this might be your cup of tea.

Track list:
1. The Coming Storm / Dawn of War
2. Enter the Fray
3. Iron Coffin
4. Dead End
5. The Warmonger Sacrament
6. White Light Precedes Black Rain
7. Fragments / Shadow of Death