The Catalyst vol. 1: Control
Primitive Reaction

TLDR: Industrial metal not shy of dance beats.

Review: If you include Diablerie’s predecessor, Shadeclade Poetry, into count this Finnish band has existed for full 20 years. Despite all this, the band’s previous album was released some 16 years ago. The question is: how relevant this one is anymore?

Quite, if we take a closer look into this album. Diablerie is one of its kind band with its colourful industrial metal. The overall structure is quite strong and the production is rather excellent, especially in this genre. The basic idea is heavy guitar riffs married to sort of disco beat. In a sense this one reminds me of …And Oceans’ swansong album Cypher, which is a modern classic.

Songs on this one could have more variation and there could be way more catchiness in the songs. But if we can live with that, the album is quite strong and solid as such. At least there are some more courageous ideas here and there, so the album clearly stands on its own.

Even though I’m not a fan of dance beats as such, Diablerie has proven this kind of stuff can be blended with metal and do it with style. Should this genre appeal to your taste, give this one a chance.

Track list:
1. Hexordium: The Final Realisation
2. Selves
3. Rabid (Dogs of Church and State)
4. Wear My Crown
5. Odium Generis Humani
6. You Stop You Die
7. Grey
8. This Drastic Clique
9. Osiris
10. I Am the Catalyst