MustanKuunLapset-SMustan kuun lapset
Inverse Records

TLDR: Melancholic & melodic Finnish dark metal returns.

Review: Once buried Mustan kuun lapset was dug up from the grave a couple of years ago. Started as a melodic black metal band, MKL nowadays is more a dark metal band. Melodies and melancholy has followed the band so it’s not like the band is totally different from its past.

Saatto ticks for about 50 minutes and shares its feelings and emotions via guitars and keyboards. The album strikes out as very 90’s vibe album, kinda like melodic black metal of that era. But this one has clean vocals, too, and is kinda softer than the bm releases of that time. Towards the end the album brings even more rock that fits radio than metal.

Can’t deny that Saatto has some good melodic parts. Even so, the overall atmosphere just feels kinda empty and meaningless. It’s like the band is so cold with all the emotions that it leaves the listener as such, too. Sort of growling vocals don’t seem to fit the rest of the album very well either.

In essence Saatto sounds very Finnish. For some this is a definite plus and for the rest, not so much. If one is really much into atmospheric Finnish metal, sure, get this one. Otherwise, move on.

Track list:
1. Ja toinen yötä rakastaa
2. Peikonmieli
3. Kuolemanvirta
4. Amor Vincit Omnia
5. Cilice
6. Sudenilma
7. Valkoinen satama – Haaksi
8. Valkoinen satama – Tyven
9. Saatto