Seraphical Euphony
Black Lion Records

TLDR: Powerful melodic death/thrash metal from Sweden.

Review: There are quite a few metal bands called Hyperion in the world, but this one is from Sweden. Founded ten years ago, Seraphical Euphony is their debut album that got out last year.

Seraphical Euphony sounds very Swedish, and this is a compliment. Basically it sounds like it’s from 1990’s with all its hyper-melodic and mostly fast-tempo metal. One can find hints of Dissection, Emperor and some Gothenburg scene bands in the music. Even the production smells like late 90’s. Yet another good thing in my opinion.

With all the acoustic guitars and synths, this one bears nostalgia. And yet at the same time it also feels relevant and of this age. This is a skill not every band has for sure. But Seraphical Euphony ain’t without its minor flaws. As good as it is, the album lacks those certain hits that actually make classic albums. So, it’s not like this one is some Storm of the Light’s Bane part II.

All in all Seraphical Euphony is a good album that one should hear if interested in the genre in the first place.

Track list:
1. Remnants of the Fallen
2. Novus Ordo Seclorum
3. Flagellum Dei
4. Seraphical Euphony
5. Moral Evasion
6. Primal Cosmic Ascendancy
7. Zephyr of Grace
8. Empyrean Yearning
9. Blood of the Ancients