Slaughterhouse Blues

TLDR: Death metal demo with very typical demo problems.

Review: Verjagen from Finland has been an active band. In there years it has put out five releases. Now these guys are back with 20 minutes and four songs. This one is called Slaughterhouse Blues.

The name reminds me of death metal and this is exactly what this band is all about. Add grooviness, melodies and even traditional heavymetal, and that is Slaughterhouse Blues. But at the same time the band lacks ambition and catchiness. Vocals are split between standard growling and more like black metalish raven vocals. Neither is in fact good or bad, just something in between.

Slaughterhouse Blues’ problems lie in the rather dull compositions. Even if it’s not bad, it’s hard to get enthusiastic about basic death metal without anything else in it. Still better wait what comes out of this band when it gets older.

Track list:
1. Frozen Tomb of the Draugr
2. Slaughterhouse Blues (Meathook)
3. Desolate Sights (Under Enigmatic Sun)
4. The Spiller of Demon Blood